Release Agreement

     We are thrilled that you have chosen J&Z's Pet Spa to service your pets grooming needs! Because we are looking forward to working with you and your fur-baby, we would like all Pet Parents to have a thorough understanding of our grooming process. In regards to our pricing, initial quotes are estimates ONLY, and fees may be adjusted as needed for the groom.

     We would also like to disclose that we do not intend to share or distribute your personal information to the public.    

      J&Z's Pet Spa would like our Pet Parents to acknowledge that it is their responsibility to have their pets current on their vaccinations, and assume any risk or consequence that might result if the pet is not fully vaccinated. We advice that the pet is current on vaccinations against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, par influenza adenovirus type II, parvo virus, corona, leptospirosis and bordetella for their overall health, but is not necessary for the grooming process. In addition, we do not administer any tranquilizers.

     J&Z's Pet Spa has been trained to safely handle nervous, sick, and overly stressed and aggressive pets. If for any reason we are unable to proceed with the groom based on any of these given factors, the Pet Parent may be charged half the price of the initial groom. If your pet becomes too stressed or aggressive, we may end the grooming session, as your pets health and safety is our top priority.

     J&Z's Pet Spa requests that you plan your day accordingly, as sometimes we may run a little behind, as each pet requires unique attention. In addition, we respectfully ask that you give us 24 HOURS NOTICE if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you fail to provide us appropriate notice, you may be charged an additional fee during the next grooming appointment at our discretion. Rejected payments or returned checks will result in a $25 fee.


     There may be additional charges if matting on your pet is significant ($7-$20 at our discretion). Matting is considered a health concern, and if possible, we will demat your pet. In the event the matting is too severe and causes inhumane discomfort and pain to your pet, J&Z's Pet Spa will shave down your pet. Often times, post shave effects are temporarily unattractive and uncomfortable for your pet, but the process to regain healthier skin and coat will begin immediately. Additionally, shaving a pet often exposes preexisting skin conditions or sores. Shaving a pet with skin abnormalities, such as moles and skin tags, are at a higher risk of being nicked or irritated. We do not pay vet bills for eye irritations, cuts, skin rashes or irritations due to the pet excessively scratching, licking, and/or chewing, as these are common responses to shave downs. J&Z's Mobile Pet Spa is greatly committed to avoiding such events, but they can occur in shave downs. Additionally, if we discover your pet has fleas, a flea bath is REQUIRED and will be charged $10.

* If you are ever dissatisfied with your pets groom, please let us know within 48 hours and allow us to make it right. By proceeding, you agree to this process of resolution.

I have read and understand the above cautions and information. I acknowledge the risk associated with pet grooming. I consent to and/or authorize J&Z's Pet Spa to perform grooming services on my pets.

Please call/text 321-222-8295 or email with any questions, clarifications, and further information you may need. Thank you for allowing J&Z's Pet Spa to service you and your fur-babies! 

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